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What It Does

Has your company raised fund, released product, or won award? Is the CEO running a twitter Q&A? Are you running a twitter campain? And you need everyone to tweet about it? But people don't want to open Twitter yet. Yes, not now... we're in The Zone.. We know we won't come back in the next 5, 10, 30 mins. Enter Ziri. Just share the tweet link on Slack (which gets unfurled with Slack's Twitter app), everybody adds a reaction and, everyone retweets/likes.

Install Ziri

How It Works

Install on Slack

Click the Add to Slack to install Ziri on any Slack team and authorize on your Twitter account.

Custom Emojis

Download and add the :retweet-this:(:retweet-this:) and :like-tweet:(:like-tweet:) custom emojis to your Slack team. (click images to download)

Add Reactions

Start adding the :retweet-this: and :like-tweet: reactions to retweet/like any tweet contained in a Slack post (add emojis if not exist)

Moving On...

Keep scrolling... Get back to work... Do anything... Just, don't open Twitter. No, not now!

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